The Community

Andover: "the best kept secret in Anoka county"

    Andover is a great place to live. Originally established as Round Lake Township, and later became Grow Township. Andover has long been referred to as "the best kept secret in Anoka county."

    Residents have found that Andover combines the simple pleasures of a rural community, and the benefits of a accessible suburb. Over the years careful planning has been taken to retain this quality of life.

    Andover has a YMCA and Community center

    There are many great businesses also that will meet all your consumer needs. Everything including: , a new Festival Foods Grocery, which features a McGlynn's Bakery and Dunn Brothers Coffee Shop, a movie theater, liquor store, salon and women's fitness center, to name just a few. There also is a Target Greatland and a Walgreen's

    The city of Andover is governed by a mayor and a four-member City Counsel. Please Visit the official City of Andover webpage to get even more great information. (click here) Click here for Local Senior Discounts.


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